Stem-Cell Therapy to Treat the Ankle Joint

Stem-cell therapy can be an ideal non-surgical alternative for people suffering from pain caused by degenerative disease or a tendon or ligament injury. 

 Traditional surgical treatment methods can involve performing an arthroscopy, arthrodesis (irreparable rigidity of the joint), or reconstruction of the ligaments that stabilise the joint. All of these procedures can cause chronic postoperative pain and a long rehabilitation process, which can cause problems with everyday activities such as walking and driving. However, stem-cell therapy involves a relatively pain-free injection into the affected area which allows the body to heal itself. 


Stem-cell therapy can be used to treat:


 Stem-cell therapy is not normally used as the sole method of treatment in the case of:

  • Advanced osteoarthrosis of the ankle joint
  • Broken metatarsal bones 
  • Complete rupture of the Achilles tendon
  • In such cases it is possible to use stem-cell therapy to help heal the tissue. 


It is important to remember that not every ankle joint injury qualifies for stem-cell therapy. If we find that you do not qualify for stem-cell therapy, we will conduct thorough tests and consultations in order to choose another appropriate treatment method – surgical or non-surgical (e.g. platelet-rich plasma GPS biological therapy and the anti-inflammatory Orthokine Therapy + rehabilitation protocol specifically tailored to your needs).


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