Stem-Cell Therapy to Treat Hip Pain

For many patients, hip pain is persistent and crippling. People who have to have hip replacement surgery often suffer from multiple ailments after the surgery that they often try to alleviate on the spot. There are surgical risks associated with hip replacement surgery (e.g. pulmonary embolism, suppuration etc.) as well as postoperative risks (e.g. loosening of the prosthesis, the need of revision surgery, dislocation of the prosthesis).

That is why thanks to the achieved results and the chance of avoiding complicated and invasive procedures, stem-cell therapy is one of the best alternatives to treating hip pain. It is performed either as an independent therapy or to help tissue regeneration after minimally invasive hip surgery (hip arthroscopy). Thanks to both procedures (which are offered by SPORT-MED), you can avoid hip replacement surgery for many years.


Stem-cell therapy is used to treat:

  • Minor and moderate degenerative changes to the hip joint.
  • Labral tears
  • Osteonercrosis of the head of the thigh bone without it collapsing. 


Stem-cell Therapy is not used as the sole method of treatment in the case of:

  • Advanced osteoarthrosis of the hip joint
  • Developmental dysplasia of the hip


Not every kind of hip pain and damage qualifies patients for stem-cell therapy. That's why SPORT-MED offers consultations and tests in order to assess the possibility of using this procedure in conjunction with other methods such as hip arthroscopy, or the possibility of qualifying for another treatment method, surgical or non-surgical (e.g. platelet-rich plasma GPS or the anti-inflammatory, biological regenerative Orthokine therapy). We offer a full spectrum of treatment possibilities including both conservative and surgical options. 


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