Regenerative medicine

stem cellsIn the specialized center for regenerative medicine SPORT-MED, Dr. Jan Paradowski uses stem cells instead or in combination with an operation to treat sports injuries and conditions related to aging and degeneration of the knee, hip, shoulder, spine, foot and ankle, as well as other joints. Our autologous Stem Cell Therapy uses mature mesenchymal, multipotential stem cells taken from the patient’s own bone marrow, which is then reinjected into the patient at the contused, injured or painful location.

Mesenchymal stem cells have the potential to regenerate – they receive information from surrounding specialized tissues (bone, cartilage, muscle and other connective tissue) and differentiate to that same type of cell. They are usually found in bone marrow. Mesenchymal stem cells are multipotential, which means that they can differentiate to a particular type of cells, and not to a completely different type, such as brain or kidney cells.

 The function of stem cells in adults is to provide repair cells for the organism. They lie dormant in various parts of the body, largely in the bone marrow and “wake up” when they receive the signal of a particular type of damage concomitant with inflammation. Stem cells move to the part of the body that is inflamed, releasing regulator proteins of inflammation as well as proteins that stimulate the development of new cells, which then differentiate into the same type of cell that was damaged. In this way they assist the healing process.

 Unfortunately the number of stem cells decreases in humans shortly after birth. This limitation explains why our organism degrades, and our condition declines with age – the fewer the stem cells, the lesser the ability to self-repair and replace degraded cells. Our goal in Stem Cell Therapy is to collect them from the area of the patient’s body where there is the highest level of concentration, and inject them into the damaged joint to potentially increase the regenerative capabilities of stem cells.

 The stem cells we use in orthopedics can create healthy tissue by replacing damaged tissue and potentially assist the body in self-repair. For example, stem cells injected into an area of damaged bone can differentiate into bone cells and assist healing from injury.

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