I invite you to choose to have an operation at our modern Cracow facilities. I specialize in procedures done on the knee joint and shoulder. As a sports doctor caring for the Youth Team of the Polish Football Association, I generally conduct less invasional arthroscopic procedures of these joints. My goal is the quick return to activity of my patients, who often are athletes.

I focus on prevention and treatment of damage to the joint cartilage using modern techniques of cartilage reconstruction (tissue chondrocytes cultivation, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), Stem Cells – in keeping with the guidelines of the International Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation Society (ICRS). I also invite you to have a knee or hip endoprosthesis implant – in comfortable facilities and a pleasant environment, with good pain management under the care of a well-chosen staff. My patients always remain under the care of high class rehabilitation specialists. Below I present photos of the clinic where I treat my patients.





Read below about all orthopedics and injury surgery procedures:


Knee arthroscopy  - the full spectrum of procedures. Minimally invasional reconstructive surgery with an emphasis on up-to-date treatment of the joint cartilage.

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  • reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL).

  • reconstruction of cartilage loss using various operational techniques currently practised worldwide (scaffolds, collagen membranes, hyaluronic membranes, chondrocyte cultivation)

  • treatment of injuries to the meniscus – surgical repair of the meniscus, mensicectomy (removal of the meniscus)

  • joint cartilage surgery, micro fracture surgery, drilling

  • synovectomy (surgical removal of a part of the synovial membrane)

  • removal of folds in the synovial membrane, lysis of adhesions, loose body removal

  • arthroscopy for degenerative arthritis of the knee joint - debridement, surgery, lavage – allows for reduction in pain symptoms, increases movement and improves the quality of life


Endoprosthesis of the knee and hip (endoprosthesoplasty, alloplasty of the knee and hip joint).
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Find out more about degenerative arthritis of the knee joint – click here

  • comfortable hospital conditions

  • professional medical staff

  • comprehensive medical care – preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative

  • full rehabilitation care

  • state-of-the-art endoprostheses

  • the full spectrum of endoprostheses – all types and producers

  • cemented and cementless endoprostheses

  • vacuum mixing of cement, antibiotic laden cement

  • short-stem endoprostheses, metaphyseal (e.g. Proxima)

  • classical endoprosthesis

  • realloplasty (exchange of worn-out endoprosthesis)


Shoulder arthroscopy – the full spectrum of procedures, conducted both for young athletes with post-injury or strain conditions as well as in older people with degenerative conditions.
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  • surgical repair of the rotator cuff

  • Bankart procedure for shoulder instability (dislocated shoulder)

  • treatment of injury to the labrum, e.g. SLAP

  • long head biceps tendon pathology

  • acromioplasty (treatment of shoulder impingement syndrome)

  • surgery or repeat surgery of the acromioclavicular joint (mainly with degenerative findings)

  • lysis of adhesions, removal of loose bodies


Hip arthroscopy – with early findings we are often able to fix damage and deformations that would lead in future to the necessity of conducting a hip endoprosthesoplasty

  • minimally invasional, endoscopic treatment of snapping hip syndrome (!)

  • treatment of damage to the joint cuff

  • bone surgery with PINCER and CAM-type injuries

  • joint cartilage surgery

  • removal of overgrown synovial membrane and bone growth (osteophytes)

  • lysis of adhesions, removal of free bodies


Achilles tendon – find out more about pathologies of the Achilles tendon - click here

  • minimally invasional, endoscopic treatment of calcifications of the Achilles tendon

  • endoscopic removal of overgrown synovial membrane with adhesion of the Achilles tendon (posterior impingement) – largely in athletes

  • endoscopic lysis of adhesions

  • surgical repair of the Achilles (ruptured Achilles tendon )


Ankle arthroscopy

  • internal diagnosis of joint damage

  • treatment of damage to the joint cartilage with cartilage reconstruction techniques

  • osteochondritis dissecans (cartilage and bone necrosis )

  • removal of overgrown synovial membrane in impingement syndromes and inflammatory diseases

  • removal of adhesions interior to the joint

  • removal of bone growths (osteophytes) in degenerative arthritis

  • stiffening of the upper and lower ankle joint (arthrodesis)

  • surgical removal of the os trigonum at the rear of the ankle 


Elbow arthroscopy

  • removal of free bodies (e.g. a fragment of the cartilage or cartilage and bone after injury)

  • lysis of adhesions internal to the joint – return of proper range of motion

  • removal of overgrown synovial membrane

  • removal of fragments of the damaged cartilage and other free bodies (osteochondritis)

  • operational, minimally invasional treatment of tennis and golf elbow


Correction of hallux toe - read more here here


Operations for professional athletes – a wide spectrum of injury and reconstruction procedures using state-of-the-art implants

  • surgical repair of the adductor muscle (football players)

  • surgical repair of tendons and muscles, e.g. aponeurosis of the femoris muscle (sprinters), Achilles tendon, patella tendon, quadriceps aponeurosis

  • reconstruction of the Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) (skiers, football players, basketball players)

  • reconstruction of the Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL) and the posterolateral corner of the knee joint

  • bone fracture, sprained joints, and other tendon, ligament and muscle tears


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