Stem-Cell Therapy to Treat the Knee Joint

Stem-cell therapy can be an ideal alternative for people suffering from chronic knee pain caused by injury or degenerative changes. Stem-cell therapy is one of the best options mainly because traditional surgery (such as knee arthroscopy or knee replacement surgery) is often associated with potential complications and can require months of rehabilitation. 


Stem-cell therapy can be used to treat:


Stem-cell therapy is not used to directly treat:

  • Complete rupture of the ACL – in this case it is possible to perform an arthroscopic reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament with the use of the patient's own tendons/ligaments or artificial ligament grafts (LARS, Neoligaments) 
  • Complete damage to the meniscus – in this case it is possible to stitch the meniscus or remove it then replace it with an artificial or donor meniscus from a cadaver
  • Advanced arthrosis of the knee – in this case please feel free to book an appointment in order to discuss other possible treatment methods


It is important to remember that not every kind of knee pain and knee joint injury qualifies for stem-cell therapy. If we find that you do not qualify for stem-cell therapy, we will conduct thorough tests and consultations in order to choose another appropriate treatment method – surgical (e.g. arthroscopy + stem-cell therapy) or non-surgical (platelet-rich plasma or the anti-inflammatory Orthokine + rehabilitation protocol specifically tailored to your needs). 


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