Ultrasound Diagnosis & Sonosurgery


  1. Ultrasound diagnosis
  2. Ultrasound-guided injections
  3. Sonosurgery



usg.jpg Thanks to modern sonographic instruments and the abilities of the doctor, today it is possible to perform precise examinations of soft tissue and bone outlines of the musculoskeletal system. In some cases, ultrasonic tests are superior to MRI tests because they allow for dynamic tests, which means that we can see the movement of a specific body part in real time.


Ultrasound-guided injections

Only with the use of ultrasound can we precisely inject medication into specific part of the body. Ultrasonography is a safe, minimally invasive, soft tissue imaging technique which is used all around the world in minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment. Inaccurate injections can cause damage to the blood vessels and cause the therapy to be unsuccessful.

  • precise injections (e.g. into the joint, bursa, cyst, Baker's cyst, haematoma, among others) – constantly monitored using ultrasound, 
  • precisely administering medicine (e.g. into the hip joint, subacromial bursa, synovial sheath, into the affected muscle, ligament, tendon, among others) – under constant control of the ultrasound, 
  • the technique is used in Orthokine therapy as well as in platelet-rich plasma with growth factors  PRP. 


Minimally invasive procedures performed using ultrasound:

  • draining ganglion cysts using a needle. It is also possible to inject medicine into the empty space using ultrasound. 
  • dry needling, e.g. of the ankle joint in order to decompress swelling and increase blood flow – used effectively to treat pain of the underside of the ankle.
  • puncturing and washing the rotator cuff tendons in the shoulder (calcific tendonitis)
  • injecting the injured part of the muscle, tendon, or ligament with medicine, e.g. Orthokine or platelet-rich plasma PRP in order to facilitate the natural soft tissue healing process
  • injecting bursas, e.g. elbow, shoulder, kneecap, hip
  • sonosurgery of the shoulder – precise calcification puncture under the guidance of ultrasound, e.g. into the rotator cuff (with the possibility of washing out calcium), injections into the subacromial-subdeltoid bursa (blocks), joint injections, injecting the damaged structures with platelet-rich plasma with growth factors or Orthokine.

Diagnostyka USG - Iniekcja do barku z widoczną igłą

Injections into the shoulder with the use of a visible needle and precision with the use of ultrasound.   

Choroba więzadła rzepki - staw kolanowy

Patellar tendonitis knee joint.

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