Stem Cell Therapy

komorkaIn the specialized center for regenerative medicine SPORT-MED, Dr Jan Paradowski uses stem cells instead or in combination with an operation to treat sports injuries and conditions related to aging and degeneration of the knee, hip, shoulder, spine, foot and ankle, as well as other joints. Our autologous Stem Cell Therapy uses mature mesenchymal, multipotential stem cells taken from the patient’s own bone marrow, which is then reinjected into the patient at the contused, injured or painful location.

Sports medicine

As a sports doctor my aim is to find the fastest and safest way to get athletes back to professional training. Injuries do not always require a lengthy period of rest or break. It is crucial to get an accurate diagnosis and start an individual therapeutic and supplemental treatment plan as soon as possible.

Our clinic

2011_12_12_5224.jpgOur clinic is a place where we effectively help you regain the joy of life without pain and limited movement. By practising the medicine of the future, we achieve results in cases where others would throw their hands up. This is proven by the satisfaction of our patients, many of whom are notable athletes such as Agnieszka and Urszula Radwańska.
We have created a group of highly competent specialists who approach your problem with kindness and care.